old Department of Law

Department of Law
This department was established alongside the establishment of the RIHU and has since then published 32 books 57 articles sofar.
Goals of the Department:
  1. Contribution in revival and flourishing of Islamic law and its improvement;
  2. Comparative studies among Shia jurisprudence and other Islamic factions and legal systems;
  3. Extraction of the foundations of the school of Islamic law, and its presentation within known scientific frameworks of legal studies;
  4. Preparation of required grounds to develope and expand Islamic law;
  5. Helping to solve the legal problems of the country;
  6. Introduction of the school of Islamic law to scholars of law studies;
  7. Training and education of staff needed for research in Islamic legal studies;
  8. Compilation of research methodology in law;
Head of the Department: Dr. Mohammad Hossein Talebi ; Associate Professor ;  mhtalebi@rihu.ac.ir


Dr. Mohammad Hossein   Talebi   ; Associate Professor

SeyedJavad   Rasi Varai  ; Associate Professor

Mostafa   DaneshPajhoh  ; Associate Professor

Dr. AliMohammad   Hakimian  ; Assistant Professor

Dr. Hossein   Javan Arasteh  ; Assistant Professor

Hossein   Ghafi