The Attendance of Hawzah and University Research Institute on "The Capacity of Scientific and Cultural Research Centers and Universities of Qom and the Opportunity of Get-together "

On 21 May to 23 May In the city of Qom and also Tehran (Beheshti and Allameh Tabatabai University) Series of meetings on "Cultural Dialogue with Elites of Arab World" along with representatives from several Arabic countries had been held by the sponsorship of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization.

In the following series of cultural dialogue meeting between Iran and the Arab world, It was held a seminar on "The Capacity of Scientific and Cultural Research Centers and Universities of Qom and the Opportunity of Get-together " with Professors of scientific centers in Iran and the Arab world, On Wednesday 22 May at Meeting Hall Conference Center Ghadir of Islamic Propagation Office, in the city of Qom.

Numbers of officials and academics members of the Arab world, including Algeria, Tunisia, Iraq, Syria, Oman, Lebanon attended in the conference along with some academics members of Hawzah and University Research Institute, University of Qom, Islamic Sciences and Culture Research Institute, Al-Mustafa international university, Baqer-Al-Olum University, University of religions and denominations.

Dr. Fouzi the president of the Institute for Contemporary History from al-Manubah University of Tunis, Dr. M. Aboud Mohsenm, the vice-chancellor of Kufa University, Dr. Saleh Mohsen the president of Kamil-Al-Habib University of Lebanon.Dr. Himesh Hosseini, director of School of Social Sciences at the University of Algiers, Dr.Talib bin Isa Al-Salem Deputy of International Relations at University of Nizwa, Oman and Dr.Amir Kadhim Abbas, the vice-chancellor of School of linguistics at the University of Kufa, introducing their universities with emphasis on scientific and cultural cooperation with the Arab world.

The most important comments repeated was about cultural and scientific richness of Iran, the necessity of Arab World using this potential, appreciation to the Islamic Republic of Iran to strengthen cultural relations between Muslim world, The emphasis on teaching and allocate seats on Persian language in Arab universities, scientific cooperation with Iran, necessity of Islamization of sciences at Islamic Universities  by Muslim scientists And also modeling of Iran's successful experience in the field of humanities and Islamic studies. the meeting finished with a final statement read by the operator.

The last statement emphasized on the continuation of dialogue and cultural relations between Elites of Iranian and Arabic scientists , in particular, the use of capacities in universities and academic and research centers in holy city of Qom and vice versa. Finally, the proposal of  the establishment of "Academic Assembly for cultural dialogue between Iran and Arabic countries" in Iran was welcomed.