The Office of International & Scientific Collaborations (OISC) is committed to improving a brilliant international community by collaborating with many universities and research institutes around the world. We welcome, support and strengthen diversity through internationalizing our institute and launch several services both for faculty members, graduate students and researchers. In doing so we are focused on:
•    Building, expanding and improving relations with the RIHU's local and international counterparts as it explores collaborative pursuits in research, academic and cultural exchanges;
•    Establishing and developing institutional partnership and agreements;
•    Providing sabbatical opportunities, postdoctoral scholars, research activities and study abroad programs;
•    Assisting departments with organizing international conferences, seminars, or workshops;
•    Bearing the responsibility for the reception and management of visits, inspections, interviews, lectures, and academic exchanges from the foreign research and educational agencies, experts and scholars with the relevant departments of the RIHU;
•    Providing credential evaluations for international students who are interested in our study programs;
•    Running the plan for the translation and publication of the RIHU's books in other languages in collaboration with reputable overseas publishers;
•    Promoting the RIHU's journals by indexing them in internationally accredited indexes and databases and providing greater audiences' access to the journals' articles;
•    Encouraging, providing and supporting of the joint research projects of RIHU's faculty members with foreign academies and researchers;
•    And the pursuit of RIHU's membership in international scientific societies.

Contact Info:

Email: OISC@rihu.ac.ir
URL: www.rihu.ac.ir
Tel: (+98 25) 32111235
Fax: (+98 25) 32803090
Office Hours: Saturday-Wednsday: 07:30 AM-03:30 PM
Address: the Office of International & Scientific Collaborations, Research Institute of Hawzah and University, "Hawzah wa Dāneshgāh Research Institute", Daneshgah BLVD, O'lum Square, Pardisan, Qom, Iran.
Postal Code: 3749113361
Post Office Box: 37185/3151


Last Update At : 08 April 2020