Department of Economics

Since the establishment of "research institute of Hawzah and University", the Department of economics started its activities with perseverance and help of a group of Hawzah and university scholars. So far it has produced 24 books, and various essays on related fields of Islamic economics. It has also contributed actively in cooperation for holding "Bi-Annual Seminars on Islamic Economy", and holding meetings for researchers in economics. It is worthy to mention that this institute also publishes "Journal of Iran's Economic Essays".

Goals of the Department:

1.Extraction of Islamic bases and viewpoints in human sciences;

2.Studies about nationalization of economics;

3.Comparative studies on basic issues of economics;

4.Preparation and compilation of proper texts needed by Hawzah and university centers;

5.Translation of scientific works of other languages, about Islamic economics and relations between religion and economics, into Persian and vice versa;

6.Fundamental and strategic studies in the economy of Iran with an Islamic approach;

7.Field study and practical research for achieving Islamic solutions for eliminating problems of Iran's economy;

8.Compilation of research methodology in economics;

9.Education and training of staff needed for research in economic grounds with an Islamic view.


Hasan Agha Nazari

Mohammad Hosein Karami

SeyyedReza Hoseini

Alireza Lashkari

Mostafa Kazemi NajafAbadi

Department of Economics
Head of Dep: Alireza Lashkari
Mail : economics.dep[at]
Tel : +98 25 32111359
Last Update At : 01 January 2023