Department of Sociology

This department is one of those departments which had been established at the time of the establishment of Hawzah and University Cooperation in 1982. It has so far published More than 30 books, and Publishing Bi-quarterly journal of "Islam and social sciences".

Goals of the Department:

1.Systematic extraction and presentation of Islamic teachings and essentials in the field of social sciences;

2.Giving strategies for social problems according to religious rules;

3.Research for religious explanation and analysis of social issues and problems;

4.Working and researching on the project of nationalization of human sciences according to religious bases in the field of social sciences through participation in compilation of textbooks and supporting related researches;

5.Research with purpose of explanation of religious teachings and institutes with reliance on achievements of social sciences;

6.Education and training of staff needed for research in the field of sociology from the viewpoint of Islam;

7.Compilation of research methodology in the realm of social sciences with an Islamic view;


Hoseyn Bostan(Najafi)

Madjid Kafi

Ali Salimi

Mohammad Davari

Hafizollah Fooladi

Department of Sociology
Head of Dep: Hoseyn Bostan
Tel : +98 25 32111351
Last Update At : 03 February 2020