Philosophy and Theology


Department of Philosophy and Theology

The department of philosophy and theology was established in 1999 and has published 13 books and more than 20 articles up to now.

Goals of the Department:

1.A Study and presentation of philosophical and rhetorical heritage of Muslims on the basis of new philosophical thoughts;

2.Criticism of Philosophical and rhetorical schools according to philosophical and rhetorical ideas of Muslims;

3.Research for logical clarification in teachings of divine religions;

4.Compilation of textbooks and sources, and improvement of the level of education of rational sciences in the country;

5.Research for logical clarification of teachings of divine religions;

6.Comparative rhetorical studies in the field of Islamic sects and divine religions;

7.Finding the answer for problems proposed in the mentioned fields (in article 3), specially afflicted and new issues;

8.Research on philosophical bases related to missions of the research institute. Education and training of staff needed for research in the field of philosophy with Islamic view;

9.Compilation of research methodology in the realm of rational sciences;

10.Faculties Mohammad Fathalikhani Ali Shirvani Hoseinali Sheidanshid


Department of Philosophy and Theology
Head of Dep: Ali Shirvani
Mail : philos-theo.dep[at]
Tel : +98 25 32111376
Last Update At : 03 February 2020