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Department of Political Sciences

At the time of establishment of the Office for Hawzah and University Cooperation, the Department of law and political sciences was also formed with participation by a group of scholars of Hawzah and university. In the first year it compiled and analyzed numerous essays on basic legal and political subjects such as resources, bases and goals of law, law-maker and power, governance, government constituents, various forms of government, basic law, etc. in the form of pamphlets and more than 40 preparatory notes, compilation, and critical analysis. Final touches were given to some of the above compilations which resulted in publication of law-books, being among the first books published by the law Department. Later on, along with development in diversity of new subjects, the department of political sciences separated from this department, and took basic topics like philosophy of politics, history of Muslim thinkers' political thoughts, basic law, national ideals, national interests etc. as the main axis of its researches. The department has published 4 books.


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Department of Political Sciences
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