Department of Management

The activities of this Department go back to the second half of the year 1993. It has compiled and published articles and 19 books since then and newly has published the Bi-quarterly journal of "Islam and management".

Goals of the Department:

1.Research on the basics of science of management from viewpoints of Islam and others;

2.Research for understanding the stance of Islam regarding issues of management;

3.Theorization about fundamental issues of management and attitude of Islamic management;

4.Scientific participation in detection and removal of national problems through presentation of strategies and methods of scientific management, attuned with Islamic values;

5.Education and training of the staff needed for research in management field according to the viewpoints of Islam;

6.Compilation of research methodology for Islamic management;


Abolfazl Ghaeini

Abdollah Tavakkoli

Abbas Shafiei

Abootalib Khedmati

Department of Management
Head of Dep: Abolfazl Ghaeini
Mail : mgm.dep[at]
Tel : +98 25 32111247
Last Update At : 03 February 2020