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Department of Educational Sciences

The Department of educational sciences of the research institute for Hawzah and University has borrowed its identities from both Hawzah and university, and benefited from their research cooperation attempts to prepare proper grounds for research in the field of education on the basis of modern methods in accordance with nationalization and Islamicization of educational science. This Department was established in 1983 and up to now has compiled 34 pamphlets in different fields of educational sciences, 32 books in different fields of Islamic education, as well as 51 essays.The Department of educational sciences is also in close contact and cooperation with executive organizations like Education Organization, Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance and some other scientific institutes. It also publishes a professional-scientific journal called "Tarbiyat-e Eslami"[1].

Goals of the Department:

1.Fundamental, functional and developmental research on educational issues and topics based on the viewpoint of Islam;

2.Preparation and compilation of educational texts and resources in various fields of educational sciences required by university and Hawzah institutes, according to Islamic attitudes;

3.Preparation and compilation of Islamic educational references, encyclopedias and dictionaries;

4.Evaluation and analysis of educational schools and views, and doing comparative studies with emphasis on Islamic views;

5.Revitalization (research and investigation) and publication of works of Muslim thinkers and scientists and analyzing them;

6.Education and training of individuals needed for research in the field of educational sciences with Islamic view;

7.Compilation of research methodology in the realm of educational sciences;

[1]. the title means: Islamic Education


Mahmood Nozari

Mohammad Beheshti

Mohammad Davoodi

Behrooz Rafiei

SeyedAli Hoseynizadeh

Department of Educational Sciences
Head of Dep: Mohammad Davoodi
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