The Ijtihad based Paradigm of Religious Knowledge

The Ijtihad based Paradigm of Religious Knowledge

Publisher : RIHU
Category : RIHU - Publications
Updated At : 13 April 2020
Published At : October 2010
Status : Printed

In order to establish and fabricate Islamic human sciences, the Research Institute of Hawzah and University has made relevant attempts over the past two decades. The Department of Philosophy of Humanities has adopted and is adopting a lot of measures for theorization in religious sciences, the most remarkable of which was investigating, criticizing, and evaluating the existing religious science models and finally exploring the "Ijtihad based paradigm of religious knowledge" as the outcome of such evaluations. This book is to report, describe, and analyze this theory in comparison to the other common paradigms in humanities. In fact, this book deals with coherent theories about the nature of religious science, resources and methodology of proving its propositions and is to present a paradigmatic and edited model of religious science.

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