Religious Science: Views and Considerations

Religious Science: Views and Considerations

Published At : August 2016
Electronic Version : No
Status : Printed

Research on the philosophical, epistemological, and methodological principles of religious science and the investigation of the relationship between science and religion to study and explain the possibility, necessity, and structure of religious science are among the research priorities in the field of human and social sciences.

This book encompasses some of the most important views expressed in the field of religious science in Iran. The book aims to present and review both the views opposing and supporting the possibility of religious science realization. Some viewpoints consider religious science neither necessary nor possible. In contrast, a wide range of other perspectives regard religious science to be necessary, possible, and even realized. In this regard, the most natural view to religious science is the one that is systematically used in religious fields to infer religious knowledge, i.e. commonly referred to as ijtihadic method.

In the limited scope of this work, the Department of Philosophy of Humanities at the Research Institute of Hawzah and University has presented some considerations for such perspectives. It is hoped that the expert scholars of the Research Institute of Hawzah and University largely contribute to the richness of these topics in the scientific fields by their valuable guidelines and comments.

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