Human Actology of Sadra Philosophy

Publisher : RIHU
Category : RIHU - Publications
Updated At : 13 April 2020
Published At : April 2018
Status : Printed

The book seeks to provide the grounds for a better understanding of the humanities as well as the implications of Mulla Sadra's philosophy for humanities through establishing an equation between the metaphysical concepts of the Islamic philosophy tradition and the new humanities trends. Some comparisons and concepts to be extracted from Mulla Sadra's philosophy are history, growth, progress, human identity (not just human body) to illustrate the theories of personality, reasoning against understanding and explaining, nature of wisdom, distinguishing practical wisdom as a virtue and practical wisdom as knowledge, philosophy of community, community’s creation of identity for humans, ideals and Humanities, function of ideals in the humanities, an explanation of the rules conflicting with the social foundations, language, and issues known as complicated human sciences. Some of these categories are exclusively sufficient to form a new paradigm in the humanities, indicating that we still have a crude market despite the richness of the resources in the Islamic philosophy tradition.

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