Hermeneutic, Interpretive, and Critical Human Actology

Publisher : RIHU
Category : RIHU - Publications
Updated At : 13 April 2020
Published At : April 2016
Status : Printed

This book is to show "the anthropological fundamentals of the human sciences". The function of "the anthropological fundamentals of the human sciences", or in the wording of this book, "Human Actology" is to show the grounds for the emergence of human/social sciences and their methodologies affected by the anthropological views of paradigms. The teachings, concepts, methods, and theories that now exist in the human sciences are rooted in the thoughts of the thinkers’ views to human identity. "Human Actology" does not encompass metaphysical ideas, Islamic psychology, and pure cognitive philosophy about humanity. The anthropology of humanities is located in the midst of philosophy and the humanities, and is to fill a scientific gap to cross the philosophy towards science. Studying the original writings of the philosophers of the humanities shows that they have explicitly, and not implicitly, tried in specific sections of their writings to convey this issue to the scientific community. In addition to depicting human identity in the positivist paradigm, the book mainly is to link positivist human ideas with the basic components of the positivist approach to the humanities/social sciences.

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