An Introduction on the Psychology of Science

An Introduction on the Psychology of Science

Publisher : RIHU
Category : RIHU - Publications
Updated At : 09 May 2020
Published At : August 2009
Status : Printed

Scientists’ cognitive activities and professional behaviors do not occur in the vacuum. Like all other humans, scientists live and work in a social, psychological, and social context. They have family trees and inherit their biological traits from their families, grow in the family and are affected by their families, develop special personality traits, and are deeply influenced by emotions and incentives. They are even affected by the presence of their colleagues and their evaluative behaviors when they, as well-known scientists and scholars, are engaged in scientific activities in the laboratories. The environmental, psychological and social context surrounding the scientists clearly determine and influence their scientific behaviors. The main objective of the psychology of science is to know the exact impacts and their mechanisms. The book presents a critical overview of this emerging branch in the science research field.

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