Science and its Fabrication

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Updated At : 13 April 2020
Published At : April 2015
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In his book, Chalmers adopts a modest approach. He neither is limited to the positivism nor considers science to be a merely social construct. He also regards science as both Afaghi (extroverted) and Anfosi (introverted), and also avoids mere Afaghi and mere Anfosi in the case of science. His reflections on experiments influenced by Baskar’s scientology play a central role in his mediating strategy. Chalmers wrote this book fourteen years after the book entitled “What is Science?” Considering science and its production, he has a thorough review of the perspectives of other scholars; however, he, wherever his theory of scientology necessitates, adopts a critical approach to these perspectives to contribute to his own theory. Chalmers’ contribution makes the reader feel science and its fabrication and have a more original and interesting book than the previous book of this author, a majority of whose chapters address scholarly commentaries.

Author: Alan Chalmers

 Translator: Mostafa Taghavi

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